The Generation That Is Revealing The Mystery Of The Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe science of Kabbalah should be revealed to a person only when he wants to understand the meaning of life. However, if he doesn’t yet possess this desire, if he’s totally immersed in the life of this world and is only concerned with securing his life for the time of his existence, then there’s no point in telling him about the science of Kabbalah. It isn’t for him and it can only confuse him. Let him continue his egoistic development and not touch upon the science of Kabbalah.

It’s for this reason that the Kabbalists throughout the centuries have concealed this science, waiting until humanity reached a state in its development where it began asking about the meaning of life. We see this now in the great problems of the world, in the comprehensive general crisis that permeates absolutely every sphere of human activity.

This is evident by humanity’s current depressed state, reflected in the number of suicides, and by the fact that the world is on a downslide and can’t do anything about it. Everyone is on a downslide, the elite as well as regular people. There’s a gradual disappearance of the middle class, manufacturing industry is fading; we’re losing interest in life. We don’t know what to do. We realize that there’s a possibility of a third world war, but we view this calmly as though it’s our fate pulling us somewhere, because we realize that we have no strength, no knowledge or even desire to put up any resistance. Alienation and powerlessness reign in the world.

It’s precisely in this generation that the science of Kabbalah must be revealed because from it they will not only understand how to exit the current state, which has left them hopeless, but also to discover what awaits them in the future: an eternal, perfect, whole, exalted state, which is billions of time greater than anything we could ever feel in this world.
From the Virtual Lesson 11/18/12

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