Two Ways Of Human Enlightenment

962.6Question: How do you see the development of Kabbalah in the near future?

Answer: Now there is a process of accumulation, an accumulative process, as a result of which the world will begin to see clearly and realize it is in a vicious circle of its development and nothing new is happening except for the aggravation of all processes.

There is no way out of this state since we are guided by the egoistic nature, which turns any achievements of humanity into vicious use.

Unfortunately all this passes through us, and people will still have to realize that this process is based on our egoism and our consumeristic attitude to everything.

We need to somehow change our nature, otherwise we will aggravate our condition continuously. Even if we exit it, for example as a result of a world war, we still will not exit egoism, we will still spin inside it, simmer in hatred for each other, swear and fight among ourselves like boys in the yard. So we need to realize this.

The science of Kabbalah explains the whole process, the entire program of nature; therefore, we must reveal it to humanity, and then on the one hand we will nevertheless see its light under the influence of blows and fate, and on the other hand under the influence of our explanations of how to arrive at a truly perfect, good life.

I would like to see such a development. But in principle everything lies in our choice, in the choice of all mankind, as Baal HaSulam writes in “The Last Generation” and other articles.

I really hope you will become more actively involved in distribution via the Internet and use all the opportunities to explain to the world, to each person, what his or her good future is.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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