Motherhood In Crisis

552.03Comment: An interesting article appeared in Rosbalt “Therapist Explained why Motherhood Is in Crisis” in which, “The expert [Otta Maria Bloch] recalled that motherhood is in general going through a crisis these days, and among the reasons is not only the changed position of a woman, who must have time to make a career, and raise children, and remain a loving wife.

“’The attitude towards motherhood is also influenced by the growing speed of life, a dense information background, and a shift in values ​​towards self-love. Now for many, success is financial well-being, the ability to have fun here and now, without investing much effort in it. And parenting in itself presupposes not receiving, but giving, ”noted Maria Blokh.

Question: What is your comment about this?

Answer: We have come to such selfishness that we do not want children! We do not want to raise children, we do not want to give even to our children. Let them grow as they like or let the state provide for them and take care of them. Not us.

This is motherhood in crisis, this is family in crisis in general. And what is a family if there are no children? If earlier people were against boarding schools, kindergartens, and other such institutions, today it is the other way around: “How can I send my child somewhere so that I could take care of myself,” says a modern woman.

Comment: Will we return to normal motherhood?

My Response: I think we will. Through suffering, but it will come.

Question: Is it correct to say that parenting itself does not involve receiving but giving?

Answer: Of course.

Question: So we have a crisis in bestowal?

Answer: Yes. In general, all nature is built on the fact that we learn through our attitude toward children to give, then to give to others: adults, others, society, and then to all of nature.

Question: But we see that a mother immensely enjoys when her child smiles at her or takes a spoonful of porridge. We see that this is a great pleasure. Where does it go? Why don’t they want to continue this further, to give birth to more children?

Answer: They are not to blame. Nature made them this way. It wants people to realize how selfish they are, that this selfishness drives them and therefore, they are okay mothers.

Question: How can you otherwise give birth?

Answer: You must first change the goal and then give birth.

Question: What should the goal be? Why am I giving birth to a child?

Answer: Only for the sake of the world. So that there are more good, righteous people in the world I will give birth and raise my children this way. This is why I give birth to them. We have grown to the point where we must correctly deal with the intention: What is the reason I am doing it?

Question: That is, the intention will become the main thing when I give birth to a child?

Answer: Yes. First the intention, then the action.

Question: Is that why this crisis is happening now?

Answer: Yes.

Question: But will this happen?

Answer: It will definitely happen!

Question: And this is how they will give birth to children?

Answer: Yes. And it will be a new world.

Question: Will these children be happier?

Answer: Of course! They will be taken care of in a different way, and they will feel that they are being born in a new world, and they will want to live in this world.

Question: Will mothers be happier too?

Answer: Of course. They will know why their child grows, lives, and exists. They will feel the very nature of the infinite.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/12/21

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