Destruction Of A Social Unit

962.3Question: A woman is naturally oriented to the family and wants to preserve it. She needs a sense of belonging to a man and a family, and for this she is ready to sacrifice a lot. Why can’t a modern man today give a woman this sense of belonging?

Answer: Ego does not allow that: “I do not want to be associated with anyone!”

That is, I can be associated with someone, but only when it is convenient for me, when it is pleasant, when I want to be served and satisfied. But the moment I don’t need it, let there be no woman, no family, no one by my side. This is how egoism behaves.

In such states, when he cannot tolerate being forced to do something, so as not to be indebted to anyone, it is impossible to keep the family, because the family is a partnership and first of all, mutual concessions to each other.

And to yield to each other means to force oneself into doing that. I don’t want this! I cannot go for this, my ego does not allow it. And so it turns out that today’s family is falling apart. And even more terrible times lie ahead.

People will try to find some kind of replacement for this, some kind of ersatz, getting together and breaking up. Children will leave their parents early and become independent sooner. The state and society will take on some additional functions.

That is, we will see the gradual destruction of the very foundation, the cell of humanity, the cell of our society, something that even animals do not have. After all, in animals the family is preserved as much as it is necessary for the procreation of the species.

And today when the state provides assistance to single mothers or single fathers, they see no reason to keep the family together.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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