Thought—The All-Penetrating Force of The World

182.02Question: Why is such a paradox being revealed today that on one hand the world has become global and on the other hand, even though everyone is shouting about global problems in the field of economics, ecology, and so on, people are not interested in them. People are only interested in themselves and what will happen to them.

Answer: Can a small person grasp the entire global world? How can he feel it? This, once again, proves the correctness of the assumption that comes from Kabbalah that only the revelation of the system of global connection between us will give us the opportunity to treat each other correctly.

This little person does not clearly see that apparently he, his family, work, health, everything that surrounds him depends on the whole world. If he constantly thinks about the whole world, he still will not be able to grasp it completely. If he thinks that everyone will feel good and then he will feel good, that is enough. Our thoughts and desires act in the world. This is our most important strength.

Therefore, as soon as a person begins to understand that he depends on others and everyone depends on him, and this global, mutual dependence is directly related to his thoughts, he suddenly sees that his thought is the most penetrating force in the world, which acts regardless of distances.

Before that, he just does not feel how his thoughts are coming back to him. But if he saw the forces emanating from the thought, he would be afraid to think badly of others because he felt how much he was turning them back on himself and creating a negative cocoon around himself. So, this is our life.
From Kab TV’s “Close-Up. Reference Point” 9/9/09

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