A Point Like The Tip Of A Needle

232.07Why does the point in the heart awaken in some people and not in others? There is no simple answer to this because it is necessary to see the whole soul, namely, a heart with all the points in the heart.

Only then will we be able to understand everyone’s path and why one comes to it and the other does not, why such changes occur in the life of a person, groups of people, and the whole of humanity.

All this belongs to the upper governance. The Creator brings all the broken parts of the common desire, the common heart, closer, corrects them gradually, and leads to connection and correction.

The point in the heart is constantly connected to the Creator. And the task of a person is to open this point and develop this connection to such an extent that it turns into a conduit that connects a person with the Creator.

And then he will discover that he has not one pipeline but three, and through these channels he can maintain connection with the Creator, have a dialogue with Him, understand Him, and feel Him so much that he becomes an inseparable part of the Creator.

That is why the point in the heart is so important. A person can gradually correct all other desires that are initially corrupted and through them expand their connection with the Creator from one point in the heart to the whole heart. In this way, he approaches the Creator more and more until he becomes completely similar to Him, and then he is called man, Adam, meaning similar (Domeh) to the Creator. This is the goal of our development and everyone must achieve it.

The Creator created man similar to Himself and then deliberately broke him so that we could understand ourselves from the contrast of opposites. From these two opposite qualities, the oppositeness to the Creator and the similarity to Him that is obtained as a result of correction, we can understand the whole essence of the higher force, which is called the Creator, that is: “Come and see.”

After all, we approach Him from afar from the opposite form and gradually become like Him, just as kind and benevolent to others as He is.

My heart is the center of all my desires, thoughts, and aspirations. And if I correct it to love my neighbor, then thanks to this I begin to feel similar to the higher one.

The point in the heart has no width, depth, or height, no dimension. This is just one point of connection with the Creator. But if we want to stay only at this point for the sake of connection with the Creator, then little by little we begin to reveal the whole essence of the Creator through this approach.

We discover that we are actually in the ocean of the Creator’s love, feelings, and actions toward us. He created and does everything only for us. And all this comes to us through this point that has no dimensions, one point of connection like the tip of a needle.

If we want such a connection with the Creator and nothing else, then through this tip of a needle huge streams of upper light, wisdom, sensations, understanding, unity will open up to us, and turn us into an inexhaustible source too.
From KabTV’s “Basic concepts in the science of Kabbalah” 2/6/22

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