How Can We Keep Love From Cooling Down?

962.6Question: Anna writes: “My husband and I have been married for three years, and feelings are only growing. But I can’t let go of the thought that this is all temporary, that all this can pass. I don’t want our feelings to cool down. How can I do this?”

Answer: If you share these feelings between yourselves, then the mere fear that they will pass will somehow continue them.

And the main thing is to study your nature mutually, you and him, and thus help each other in manifesting this egoistic nature and rising above it together. You have to understand that this egoism is against you, and when together you create more and more bonds between each other, you will thus rise above it. But it will not go anywhere and it will constantly grow and force you to grow in the same way.

Question: So is the trepidation a good thing? Should there be constant fear that the relationship will suddenly change?

Answer: Yes. Trembling, fear, and anxiety that we will fall from our good attitude toward each other is the guarantee that we will hold on to it.

Question: So your advice is not to destroy this anxiety?

Answer: No. This is called “Ira” in Hebrew; it is not just fear, but anxiety, a special anxiety, the anxiety of maintaining good relations.

Question: Does this mean that they are getting closer to true love between them?

Answer: Yes. They seem to be climbing a mountain. Egoism grows all the time and becomes more sophisticated and therefore sharper. But it is the joint work that raises them and brings them even closer together.

Question: And what is there at the top?

Answer: At the top, spiritual rapprochement will begin, which will create a higher connection between them, which is in fact supra-egoistic. And they will begin to connect with each other in such a way that they will understand each other internally without words, instead only with thoughts, and will intertwine with each other.

Question: Is this the highest state of connection?

Answer: Yes. Just as snakes in a pit intertwine with each other, so they will intertwine, not selfishly, but in a mutually kind attitude toward each other.

Comment: You compared it with snakes, and immediately it became somehow uncomfortable.

My Response: Why? This is very relevant and direct.

Question: Are these snakes in us?

Answer: It is thanks to our great, insidious egoism that if we start using it correctly to draw closer and to wrap ourselves around each other, that in this way we will rise closer and closer to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/3/22

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