The Japanese Princess’ Choice

294.2Question: There is a stir in Japan. Princess Mako of Japan has married a man of common origin whom she met at university. Marriage to him deprives the princess of the status of a member of the imperial family. According to Japanese tradition, women are deprived of this status, but men are not.

Princess Mako is the first member of the imperial family to renounce the traditional ceremony of the imperial wedding and almost one and a half million dollars dowry. The couple is about to move to New York where the husband works as a lawyer.

Opinions were divided. Some say that this cannot be done; it violates all traditions; it is terrible. Others say: “What if it’s love?”

Whose side are you on?

Answer: I am on the side of the princess. Give up your happy life for the sake of some ghostly Japanese etiquette? I think they tested each other. After all, he is a lawyer and she is a princess. These are extraordinary people who understand what they are doing. And there are also a lot of politicians, advisers, and all the others around them. So I think the choice was right.

Question: In principle, are you for love—for these feelings?

Answer: I believe in love.

Question: Don’t you think she will regret it after some time?

Answer: Today I don’t think so. Today there are no such edges or distances or anything like that. They will accept her, she will visit them, and they will visit her. After all, what does princess mean?
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/28/21

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