A Blessing And A Curse In Spirituality

509Question: What is a blessing and what is a curse for a spiritually developed person?

Answer: A person who feels that he is in a world he does not understand but feels it was created for him and he wants to attain it, to understand it, and to adapt himself to the world or the world to himself, i.e., enter into correct interaction with it, gradually studies nature and seeks how to get closer to it.

If there are certain informational records in him, even if it is a small child, then he is already developing. He feels that he needs to understand the meaning of life, why it is given to us, and what it is all about. Such a person seeks this out and gradually finds it.

The fact that he is guided toward attaining the meaning of life is called a blessing. But if one feels that he is being led further away from it, it is a curse.

Question: Is receiving for oneself a curse?

Answer: In general, yes. Using one’s egoism, that is, using any desire or quality for one’s own benefit, enjoyment, fulfillment, and for power over others, is to a person’s detriment. Such actions are not, let’s say, damaging to others, but to oneself.

Question: When a person has an intention for the sake of bestowal and rises above his egoistic thoughts, is that a blessing?

Answer: Sure. This is truly a help from above.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/8/22

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