One And A Half Billion Dollars

laitman_554Comment: The largest prize in the recent lottery in the United States was one and a half billion dollars. As always, the name of the winner is not disclosed. He bought a ticket by chance in California, and suddenly he won.

There is always a lot of excitement around winning the lottery, and the most moving stories along with the strangest are revealed.

Answer: In general the winners of the lottery are people who don’t know any combinations of numbers; they don’t make systematic calculations, and don’t buy the ticket in a particular place and so forth. In fact winning is completely by chance.

Question: How does fate give this to a person?

Answer: Winning the lottery is a big disaster. From the moment a person wins onward, his entire mind is occupied with thoughts of what to do with this money. This means he is not free.

From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, an enormous responsibility is imposed upon a person regarding what he must do with the power that he receives from the Creator, how to use this power correctly.

If a person has little power, somehow he gets along in life, sometimes he does good deeds and sometimes causes some damage. This is normal when talking about a small amount of power.

But when a person receives a great deal of power from above, there is a problem. The Creator gives these powers to a person and then checks what kind of attitude this person has about what he gets: how he will use these means, and what kind of a world he will make with 500 million or with a billion dollars.

We see how all kinds of wealthy people give donations, and everything disappears like water in the sand. They donate money to Africa or other places, and this bears no fruit. So all the people who want to make a contribution and want to help somehow are miserable.

Question: What would you do if you won a billion dollars?

Answer: No way, it can’t be. A person needs to accept a sum that he can use correctly so that it will be beneficial. This is a very great responsibility.

To win a billion dollars I would require hundreds of thousands of people who possess the right knowledge, who could create an educational and informational system with this money, a system that could bring about a change in humanity.

A billion dollars is a great sum, but if we are talking about the re-education of humanity, this will cost more than one billion.

Unfortunately, we still are not ready for this. So if you have a desire to give me a gift like this, I would ask you to wait.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/14/16

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