A Road Made Of Crossroads

Dr. Michael LaitmanNot only do we have an opportunity to gain free will, but we simply must. No one will be able to avoid it since all the forces of nature are pushing and pulling us toward it. You and all the others, any person in the world, everybody, will have to realize their free will in some way.

Two paths lay before us: the path of the Light (the path of Kabbalah) and the path of suffering. The choice needs to be made every instant. Don’t assume that once you found yourself at a crossroad and chose to turn right or left, you will keep following that road.

I moved one meter ahead on some road, and now, I am facing a choice again, standing at the crossroad once more. I made my pick, took a step on this road, and I find myself at yet another intersection where I have to choose again. At each step, I am given the freedom to make a choice, and the same two paths open before me.

I must keep choosing between them every moment, from state to state, at each new point along which I advance by building from them a line, a path to my final correction, Gmar Tikkun.

At each new point, I have to decide in what direction I will move, and since a point is a circle, I chose from all 360 degrees. However, essentially, all these directions unify in two possible options: the path of Light or the path of pain.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/18/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. thanks suppose you keep finding ur self back on the same road
    u start off right but eventually u back there again.

  2. I must add something recently attained. Choosing the path of light all the time is not necessarily correct, as it causes blindness with time as all desires fulfill us. We are on a journey and must draw light form the next step, and pain from the previous. Otherwise we will be lost in a white landscape of blind sensation.

    Thus, as we construct and fufil new desires and bring them to a state where we can appreciate and feel glow from new things (new interests etc) it is important to know how to break, how to change old habits and destroy them. For example, if one is lazy and receives immense pleasure from being lazy, such a thing is bad much like a drug addiction. The creator allows one to redeem desires, aka derive pleasure from things they did not previously (like bestowal) and also, the flip side that we avoid do much yet is just as important, is to lift up the previous step and move forward, break the desires of wrath, bloodlust and greed. They must begin to cause us pain. Thus our guidance system slowly becomes correctly aimed, and our animal is trained to enjoy what is needed and despise what is harmful.

    It makes sense no? The Creator is above left and right, the lines and feelings, sweet and bitter, pleasure and pain. He is Truth, purpose, the goal. So such a thing can adjust us, if we know what the goal is. Re tune ourselves, and learn to love that which will actually work and bring everyone to great happiness, life and peace. This is a very clear and practical thing. Humans have the ability to change taste, develop new ones, and destroy old ones. Animals CAN NOT, they are static.

    I hope this helps.

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