Pondering At The Tree Of Good And Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we don’t cultivate in ourselves a sensitivity to good and evil, we won’t know how to employ them in the right way. Everything depends on the subtlety of perception.

Moreover, it is important how we determine what is good and what is bad since, usually, whatever is good for a person’s egoism he considers as good, while whatever harms it as evil. So, what is the reference point by which to define good and evil? Is it in relation to me, the society, or the Creator? What are “good” and “evil” anyway?

Today, we find ourselves facing a big problem. For our entire history, we have been doing what is best for ourselves, taking the liberty of distributing crude oil and gas, polluting our habitat, and not worrying about anything up until we got a chance to watch in horror at what we have done. However, there is no going back. Scientists say that the fate of the globe is decided: We have passed the point of no return and can’t restore its ruined well-being.

So, what we used to see as good has turned into bad. Had we been more sensible in the past and able to see things in the right way, we wouldn’t have done what we did. At this point, our ability to make decisions greatly depends on our feelings. After all, desire is the primary force, and the mind develops next to it in order to actualize what the desire wants. Intelligence grows solely in order to help achieve what is desired.

I think about what I wish to achieve, and the more I wish, the more I think about it. In accordance with that, my mind develops in my attempts to obtain what I desire. Therefore, next to a big desire, there is always a big mind, while next to a small desire, there is a small mind. This is the way we are made. This development also takes place in the living cells as well as inside the entire person.

Hence, as we develop a greater inner sensitivity to good and evil, our mind will grow along with it to the same degree, and we will get wiser. The only question is what criteria do we use in order to determine when we are dealing with good and when with evil?
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/18/2011, “The Freedom”

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  1. when something can cause damage to somebody or anything, we see there are bad actions, bad thoughts, bad words,…also I can feel this from inside me, right?…please I would like to have some help to clarified the question

    what criteria do we use in order to determine when we are dealing with good and when with evil?


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