What Does The World Expect Of Israel?

laitman_933If we examine the complaints the nations of the world have toward Israel more closely, we will notice that a kind of call stems from them, a cry of despair, that we Jews should finally fulfill our mission, our role. Henry Ford, Hitler, and all the other great anti-Semites understood and felt that they couldn’t do anything. They wrote: “There is a great force in you that was made for you, and we cannot do anything, and so we wait.”

Although they had an ugly role in human history, their role still has a higher purpose as an instrument in the hand of the Creator Who has no choice and thus pushes His beloved people to its right fulfillment, shaking it so that it will make a step forward.

Indeed, without these blows, we would not move. We can try to advance voluntarily, or the forces of nature will be tough to suit us.

Question: Why don’t we hear it? Why don’t we feel it, but believe others hate us because they are jealous that we are talented?

Answer: It is because we try to justify everything from a corporeal perspective. First of all, we don’t take into account the uniqueness of the upper force, the uniqueness of the leadership, and that there is none else besides Him. We attribute everything to many forces, or in other words, we pray to idols.

Our religion is based on the only Creator, the principle of “there is none else besides Him.”

Everything that happens in the world is from Him. But people cannot accept that because the ego doesn’t allow them. I do hope that we will grow wiser because it is only up to us. We cannot expect anything from the nations of the world. We Kabbalists are doing a great job now and I hope that we will remove this stone from the well and that fresh water will flow from it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/19/15

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