Striving for Good Connection

254.01Question: The world is constantly evolving, and we no longer need to explain to people that the world is global. They see it themselves. But their question is: “What is next?” How can we compensate for this?

Answer: We do not need to think about the whole world, we are not able to grasp it.

Our teams on all continents are conducting dissemination activities. But the main action should be in Israel because here is that part of humanity in which the Reshimot, the spiritual genes, lie exactly on the surface. These people have already realized them once and fell from them.

Therefore, we must definitely activate the part of humanity called “Isra-el,” straight to the Creator, which carries the quality of bestowal and love.

If we do this, then practically the entire world will feel a strong spiritual jolt: suddenly people will rush forward, suddenly they will discover the meaning of what to live for.

They will stop striving for various nonsense. They will suddenly be drawn to realize this idea—good connection between them in order to reveal the upper force, the next dimension.

But for this we need to work at full capacity. I hope that we will do this within the next few years. At least I see it as my mission. I hope we can do it. If not, the state will be very deplorable for everyone: first for the Jews, then for the entire world.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. World Unemployment” 9/15/11

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