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Let’s All Think Together

270Studies show that most of the young generation thinks about their future with fear because of climate change, which is already becoming catastrophic. The most disturbing question is whether we have already crossed the red line of an environmental catastrophe beyond which there is no return or not yet?

I can reassure you there is no red line beyond which it would be impossible to fix anything. But the fact is that it seems to us that we have exhausted all the means available to us, and now global warming, ozone holes, and all other climate problems will inevitably increase.

The problem is not at all in our actions to protect the environment but in the fact that we do not engage something else, the most powerful and highest force of nature—the relations between people. By correcting the relations between people, we could change the climate on a general, global level and eliminate the most terrible and frightening environmental problems.

It is necessary to realize that human thought is the greatest force that humanity has at its disposal. And with the help of thought, we can change nature. We must only understand in which direction this thought should go, what should the thought be about, what state should we strive for and ask for it to be realized.

The most effective remedy that can heal the globe is the rapprochement between people and the global thought that our planet does not overheat and get ruined as it happens today. If children are worried about the future of the planet, then let them put pressure on their parents and encourage them to think about it together.

Young people usually take the problem of pollution of nature very seriously and meticulously sort garbage to allow its reuse. And at the same time, nothing helps because the main thing is the power of thought. Let’s all think together how through our connection we can protect nature from destruction.

The main thing is to do it together so that there are people around me who are captured by this common concern, without panic, but just continuously, every moment, day after day, with the whole family, the whole country, the whole world.

When we unite like this and worry about each other, we will reach a pure, organic state, completely round and interconnected. And then, of course, all negative forces will simply disappear from the world. If people start thinking kindly about each other, then the climate on the globe will normalize. After all, our thought is the most powerful force of all available in nature.

It is our evil thoughts that are destroying the planet today. And therefore, no matter how much we try to protect the environment, nothing will help until we understand that only by correcting the relations between us can we preserve nature and correct the ecological condition.
From KabTV’s “Insider Look” 6/13/22

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Efforts Are the Reward

600.01Question: Your teacher Rabash wrote that to the extent of the efforts a person makes, he receives a reward; meaning, the efforts themselves become a reward. Why?

Answer: The efforts themselves are the reward because, in principle, they come from the Creator even if it seems to a person that they are his own efforts. The measure of the efforts made determines the spiritual status of a person, the magnitude of his ascent, and his proximity to and adhesion with the Creator. That is, he defines his spirituality by it.

If the Creator requires us to make only one effort, to connect with others, then making efforts to come closer to different people whom I may even hate, this action itself will be a reward.

Question: Let’s say if a person makes an effort, then where will the pleasures from the effort come from?

Answer: From the fact that he does it for the sake of the Creator, comes closer to Him, and brings Him contentment.

Question: In this case, should the Creator and His greatness be revealed to a person?

Answer: No. If it is revealed, a person will act for the sake of revealing the greatness, for the sake of fulfillment, for the sake of his elevation.

This is concealed on purpose so that he performs all actions not according to his egoistic desire and goal, but according to the altruistic one when he does it without any reward, not wanting anything for himself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/31/22

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Give Peace to All of Humanity

400Comment: I read an article in the Russian newspaper News of the Week entitled “Academy of self-hatred,” which asserts that the number of Jews leading their fellow tribesmen to a second Holocaust is growing all over the world. They have honorary professorial titles, big names, and are reaching the point of self-forgetful love for those who long for the destruction of Israel with all its six million Jews.

They are Jews, and openly declare it. The only goal they pursue is to prevent a Jewish catastrophe, but a Jewish catastrophe in Gaza. These Jews are crying out for peace, demanding mass genocide of the Palestinians be stopped, the government of Apartheid be ended, and Israeli Nazism be done with.

My Response: I can understand them, and I will explain why, Israel was created and exists precisely to fulfill its historical mission. Not just to exist or to be a refuge for Jews from all over the world who come here to find a safe place to live. This is far from being a safe place. In principle, it is the most dangerous place. We live here like on a volcano.

However, we have gathered here to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah and give it to all of humanity. This is our destiny!

This is why we came back to this land! This is why we have gathered here again! Only in this should we see ourselves and our purpose. If we do this, then we will justify the entire program of creation, our entire existence, and everything that has happened in the world so far.

Then there will be no more wars, no more hatred since everything negative in the world happens because egoism reigns in it, and we have a methodology of correcting it to universal love and with its help reaching the level of the Creator.

Question: Are you saying that those Jews who hate Jews are a manifestation of some kind of help?

Answer: Yes, this will give a boost. I do not see anything negative in the world at all. It all depends on how to apply it. They are right! Just as I do not blame anti-Semites, so I do not blame anti-Semitic Jews. I believe that it is necessary to use all these qualities in order to convey to everyone what kind of world we live in, why such desires arise in us, and how we can realize them correctly.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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Do We Understand what Love Is?

527.03Question: The Creator is a quality of bestowal that manifests in me. Let’s say the quality of bestowal and love has manifested in me, and I somehow show it in relation to another person?

Answer: How can you measure this quality of bestowal and love?—only in your egoism: how much you rise above it, how, and in what conditions exactly. It is all very difficult. But, in principle, the science of Kabbalah talks about this.

Comment: When we talk about love, we understand what love is.

My Response: Absolutely not! This is precisely the difference between people. Look how he understands what love is and how she understands it, and what frictions there are between them.

Comment: But there are some general principles: care, help, and so on.

My Response: In general, everyone agrees with this. And when you begin to enter into more practical and more detailed definitions, then there is already a problem because we are all different. There are no people similar to each other.

We cannot compare our impressions, measure our feelings, and actually determine who of us is who relative to the other.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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Until Humanity Matures

294.1The Jews are the group that must teach the rest of humanity the method of elevation into the next dimension, the entry into the upper world, and its revelation here and now.

Therefore, all the peoples of the world have a subconscious feeling that the Jews are hiding something, that they have some kind of secret that interferes with everyone else, that they rob everyone, and are the cause of the misfortunes of mankind. All this is indeed recorded in The Book of Zohar, the main book of Kabbalah.

But the problem is that throughout history until now, we have not been able to reveal Kabbalah because we had to wait until humanity matured and revealed itself as global and integral, and begins to renounce its usual cultural, technological, and social development, which will show all its failure.

When it asks the question: “What are we for? Why are we?”—then Kabbalah will be revealed and these same Jews will come forward and explain why we all exist.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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Nature Is Desire

712.03A scientist reveals everything in science not with his mind, he reveals everything in sensations (Vladimir Vernadsky).

My Comment: Yes, a person is a sentient being. Man is a desire. In general, all nature is a desire. We study relationships and connections between different desires, and therefore, in the end, we must talk about feelings.

No matter how much we want to put it into formulas and dependencies—the beginning, the end, the middle of the formula that connects the beginning and the end, various properties, states, etc.— we are still talking about what is happening to matter.

All matter is the desire to be filled, to enjoy, to bring itself into balance with the environment, with its inner state. As a result, we still talk about desire either on the inanimate, the vegetative, the animate, or on the human level.

Yet it is necessary to understand that desire is a matter. It is not that I want something and that is it. For example, the desire of atoms is to keep their structure—you have to make great efforts to break these desires. Nature is only a desire.

Therefore, when Vernadsky was talking about feelings, about the fact that our whole nature is surrounded by a huge thought, an idea, a desire, and noosphere, then, naturally, he was talking about attaining the program of matter that exists around it. This is the predestination of man.

Comment: Regarding our time, Vernadsky wrote: “There will be a lot of pride, a narrowness of consciousness, and hardheartedness until a man forgets himself in a single great feeling of love.”

My Response: Yes, until a man rises above himself in the property of love. Then the general universe, the general plan, the whole program of creation, its whole path, and what we are heading to will be revealed to him.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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“What should everybody learn?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What should everybody learn?

Everybody should learn how to become human beings, which means how to connect as a single positively-connected humanity, and by doing so, attract the positive omnipresent force dwelling in nature, which is behind our existence and our universe. In other words, we should discover nature’s positive force of connection within our connection.

When our connection adapts with the goal of doing no harm to anyone, and acting solely for everybody’s benefit, then the positive force dwelling in nature will reveal itself in such a bond.

Everybody should learn that humanity’s next evolutionary stage is to discover nature’s positive force of connection, and that the more we can adapt our connections to it, the more we will feel our lives become filled with a much greater kind of fulfillment, harmony and tranquility. We have evolved toward this major evolutionary stage for hundreds of thousands of years, and today we are positioned on a fateful transition point: either we fail to learn about how to adapt our relations to nature’s positive force of connection, and feel increasing darkness, crisis and troubles enter our lives, or we learn about how to adapt to nature’s positive force, draw that force into our lives, and experience a newfound life of fulfillment, harmony and peace.

Based on KabTV’s “I Got a Call. World Unemployment” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 15, 2011. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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