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270Studies show that most of the young generation thinks about their future with fear because of climate change, which is already becoming catastrophic. The most disturbing question is whether we have already crossed the red line of an environmental catastrophe beyond which there is no return or not yet?

I can reassure you there is no red line beyond which it would be impossible to fix anything. But the fact is that it seems to us that we have exhausted all the means available to us, and now global warming, ozone holes, and all other climate problems will inevitably increase.

The problem is not at all in our actions to protect the environment but in the fact that we do not engage something else, the most powerful and highest force of nature—the relations between people. By correcting the relations between people, we could change the climate on a general, global level and eliminate the most terrible and frightening environmental problems.

It is necessary to realize that human thought is the greatest force that humanity has at its disposal. And with the help of thought, we can change nature. We must only understand in which direction this thought should go, what should the thought be about, what state should we strive for and ask for it to be realized.

The most effective remedy that can heal the globe is the rapprochement between people and the global thought that our planet does not overheat and get ruined as it happens today. If children are worried about the future of the planet, then let them put pressure on their parents and encourage them to think about it together.

Young people usually take the problem of pollution of nature very seriously and meticulously sort garbage to allow its reuse. And at the same time, nothing helps because the main thing is the power of thought. Let’s all think together how through our connection we can protect nature from destruction.

The main thing is to do it together so that there are people around me who are captured by this common concern, without panic, but just continuously, every moment, day after day, with the whole family, the whole country, the whole world.

When we unite like this and worry about each other, we will reach a pure, organic state, completely round and interconnected. And then, of course, all negative forces will simply disappear from the world. If people start thinking kindly about each other, then the climate on the globe will normalize. After all, our thought is the most powerful force of all available in nature.

It is our evil thoughts that are destroying the planet today. And therefore, no matter how much we try to protect the environment, nothing will help until we understand that only by correcting the relations between us can we preserve nature and correct the ecological condition.
From KabTV’s “Insider Look” 6/13/22

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