Delicate Balance of Nature

721.03Nature must maintain a balance. It is very fragile, very thin, and it is above us.

We do not understand its formula, and therefore do not know how it should be reached. We do not know the interaction between all parts of this formula: the number of people on earth with the amount of air, oxygen, nitrogen, ozone, with the amount of flora and fauna, and so on. All this is inherent in nature, somewhere inside it. Academician Vernadsky spoke about this 100 years ago.

Question: Does it mean that we cannot change the usual course of natural events?

Answer: According to scientific data, this is the problem we, in principle, cannot do anything.

Obviously, we can somehow slow down the fatal development of this process for us, but nothing more. This is what science says today. That is, there is no clear solution. Therefore, someone is in favor of limiting emissions, and someone else says: “It will not change anything.”

Someone is in favor of switching from petroleum sources to other types of energy resources. But, on the other hand, they cost us many times more because at the same time we have to fertilize the soil and introduce such bad chemical potential into it that it is unknown what consequences it will have in the end.

That is, from the point of view of science, we do not have a clear justification at hand that this is our mistake, our problem; we are the reason that nature is changing so much in relation to us.

Moreover, it is impossible just to do it. If the industrial revolution has begun in China, and it has turned into a huge industrial power in 20-30 years, then, of course, this affects the environment and possibly causes the very snowfalls in Europe. Who knows? We do not understand the whole picture.

Everyone can speak very beautifully, but there is no clear scientific data. Only if we add the opinion of Kabbalah to this.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about this in a completely different way. It is closer to scientists like Vernadsky who believe that we bring a great discrepancy to the world with our thoughts or rather with our incorrect interaction with each other.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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