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“Are Rivers In The Sky Flooding The Earth?” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Are Rivers in the Sky Flooding the Earth?

“When temperatures in Antarctica soared to 38 degrees Celsius above normal — around 70 ‎Fahrenheit — in March, a teetering ice shelf the size of Los Angeles collapsed,” wrote CNN. “The heat rushed in through what’s known as an atmospheric river,” the story continued, “a long plume of moisture that transports warm air and water vapor from the tropics to other parts of the Earth. … these ‘rivers in the sky’ — which dump rain and snow when they make landfall — are also causing extreme temperatures, surface melt, sea-ice disintegration and large ocean swells which are destabilizing ice shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula.” Every time disaster strikes, we search for its immediate cause. This is how we avoid acknowledging the real cause of our adversities: human nature.

It is not only the climate that is becoming inhospitable. It is also the disappearing forests and the raging plagues that are telling us, “You are the menace! You are the plague! You have worn out your welcome!” Scientists warn that if we do not curb global warming, we will lose our coastal cities. I think it is far worse than that: Our entire planet will become uninhabitable for humans through our own making. Earth seems to be disgusted with us.

We are told that this is happening because we pollute the air, water, and soil, destroy forests, hunt other species to extinction, and extract from the earth much more than it can give without collapsing the entire ecosystem. These are certainly flaws in our behavior, but there is a reason we behave this way. Our prime crime is our attitude toward each other.

Whatever harm we do to Earth, we do it ten times worse to one another. The harm that we inflict on Earth is part of our efforts to inflict harm on other people and nations; it is another facet of our battle against each other. If we stop fighting each other, we will also stop destroying our common home, and nature will recuperate and become friendly toward us once again.

Granted, it is not easy to stop fighting one another when mistrust and hostility reign supreme. From nations to individuals, aggression and intimidation dominate, and indeed define our relationships. Yet, since Earth is already driving us out, we have no other choice but to change, if we want to survive.

It is a learning process, but it must begin with acknowledging that our problem is not that we are burning too much fossil fuels, eating too much meat, or soiling the ground and water with plastics. Our problem is that we are doing all those harms in order to hurt and destroy others, to overpower and subdue, to take pride and cater to our egos.

Once we acknowledge that our egoistic attitude to others is our root problem, we will be able to deal with it. We will teach ourselves to rise above our egos and work together. However, first we must stop deluding ourselves that rivers in the sky are drowning us. We are drowning in egoism, and this is our real problem.


[Photo Caption: Satellite Images Show Conger Ice Shelf’s Dramatic March Collapse Where: Antarctica When: 29 Mar 2022 Credit: NASA Earth Observatory. It is relatively common for ice shelves in Antarctica to spawn icebergs. It is less common for an ice shelf to completely disintegrate. In March 2022, an ice shelf in East Antarctica did both. The collapse has reshaped a part of the Antarctic landscape where coastal glacial ice was once thought to be stable. The change happened fast. At the start of March 2022, the floating shelf fed by the Glenzer and Conger glaciers was still intact. ,By the middle of the month, it had fallen apart. This image pair, from 9 January and 23 March acquired by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8, shows the shelf before and after it disintegrated. “The whole shelf collapsed in just around two weeks,” said Christopher Shuman, a University of Maryland, Baltimore County, glaciologist based at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The icy remnants of both glacial shelf ice and adjacent sea ice dispersed from the waters around Bowman Island within weeks. “All of this took less than a month,” Shuman said. “It was quite the blowout.” The loss of an ice shelf is problematic because it can indirectly contribute to sea level rise. “Ice shelves are essentially the ‘safety band’ holding up the rest of the Antarctic Ice Sheet,” Walker said. When they collapse, the ice behind them can more quickly flow into the ocean. “And that is what raises sea levels.” By Antarctic standards, the ice shelf and glaciers that it held back are relatively small, so the impacts from the collapse are expected to be minimal. Scientists are more concerned about the location of the collapse. “All of the previous collapses have taken place in West Antarctica, not East Antarctica, which until recently has been thought of as relatively stable,” Walker said. “This is something like a dress rehearsal for what we could expect from other, more massive ice shelves if they continue to melt and destabilize. Then we’ll really be past the turnaround point in terms of slowing sea level rise.” REUTERS]

We Go To Pharaoh Together

238.01Comment: It is written in the Torah that the Creator says to Moses: “Come unto Pharaoh.” He does not say “Go to Pharaoh to fight with him.”

My Response: Moreover, Moses does not want to go to Pharaoh at all, he is afraid. But the Creator says: “Do not be afraid, I will go with you.” He seems to reassure Moses: “There is nothing to be afraid of, let us go together.”

In fact, this is not a good approach because, from then on, Pharaoh begins to attack Moses and even the Creator, and says: “Who is the Creator that I should listen to Him”?

Question: What does “come to Pharaoh” mean? How does a person feel it?

Answer: A person wants to turn to the Creator so that the Creator would help him rise from his egoism to the level of bestowal, love, and altruism. This is the way out of Egyptian slavery and escape from Pharaoh.

Question: How does this process happen? Does a person hear a voice that says to him: “Come to Pharaoh, let us go together”?

Answer: There are not any voices here. Do not make a psychological problem out of Kabbalah.

Pharaoh is your egoistic state. To resolve it, you must take it, place it in front of your altruistic state, and correct one with the help of the other. You are prepared to use the quality of bestowal and love to correct the quality of reception and hatred.

Question: But we do not have the tools to feel it. It is like a child inside the mother who cannot understand whether there is a world, space, time, or movement. Can it be that it is the same here? You say some words, but there is no volume in them.  How van we get these feelings?

Answer: You can get the feelings only if you start trying to reveal this within yourself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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The Power Of The Creator And The Power Of Pharaoh

562.02Question: How can we understand that Pharaoh is the other side of the Creator?

Answer: If the Creator is good, pushes us toward goodness and unity, wants to raise us, and leads us to a state above the entire nature, then Pharaoh does the exact opposite, He pushes us down, does not allow us to grow as a people, and wants a simple, ordinary, limited, beastly life for us.

Pharaoh is, so to say, equal to the Creator by module. He is just the other side of Him.

Question: Does it mean that as much as the Creator is great, so Pharaoh is great also?

Answer: Yes, but the difference between them is that with the power of Pharaoh one can act for oneself, and with the power of the Creator, for the sake of others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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How Can We Get Rid Of Fear?

291Comment: Irina writes: “Hello Dr. Laitman! It so happened that my husband and I moved into the basement. Our house was destroyed and no longer exists. We are both studying the science of Kabbalah and have heard from you repeatedly that the Creator is good and does good. It was only after this real devastation that we felt a state of liberation. Caring for others has supplanted all thoughts of self. And we realized that this is the only way to feel the Creator’s care for us. I myself cannot understand how it happened. Could you explain this condition?”

I honestly expected her to say: “And then we started hating the Creator.” But suddenly she writes: “Unexpectedly, we felt liberation.”

My Response: They have already skipped the state of hatred and have come to a state of liberation and caring for others.

Question: How does this happen?

Answer: This is an inner quality of a person when he tries to escape from suffering, fear, hatred, and all negative qualities based on his desire to feel good.

And as a result, he suddenly gets into such a state where he cares about others. He sees that by becoming more connected with others, he feels good. And the Creator directs him in this way— directs and directs. And he is already thanking the Creator for all the evil that He has caused him. How can this be?

He no longer feels that it is evil. He feels that it is the loving Creator who has directed him to the real good in this way. Only this feeling covers everything.

Question: So this is actually the future of all states of hatred, fear, and pain?

Answer: Yes, when you get rid of the material and feel only this state of spiritual fulfillment, by helping others, you fill yourself and you don’t need anything else in life. This is a spiritual state. Suffering can lead to this.

Question: Precisely suffering?

Answer: If the Creator directs you correctly, then you can reach this.

Comment: If such states are the future of all suffering, all hatred, and so on, then you’re able to justify everything and say it led me to this.

My Response: Yes. People go through very special states. Especially today.

Today, even people who do not study and are not with us go through many states that are close to the spiritual and they prepare themselves for spiritual integration into a common system, into a common Kli, to transition to a different mindset.

Question: When I have concern for others, will I be filled with this?

Answer: At first you will be filled with it, then you will run away from the problems of coming to connection with others. And then you will just do it because the Creator provides you with such a state and you see in it that your mission is to tell the world through your actions how good the Creator is in everything He does to us amid all these horrors.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/17/22

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How Do We Perceive Reality?

720Our mind and perception of reality are limited by our body, by the way we have been created.

Kabbalah has been talking about this for 3,500 years, and even earlier, because the first book on Kabbalah appeared 5,700 years ago. Kabbalah explains that everything is attained in relation to man, and one must constantly remember this.

Therefore, we cannot talk about what goes beyond the scope of our perception and occurs beyond the boundaries of tangible, rational attainment. A person has no more than what he attains tangibly, rationally. And this should be defined, first of all, as attainable in our earthly mind, earthly sensations, earthly perception, and nothing else.

That is, the device with which we attain, feel, realize, think, check out, and achieve results—this is how I, a man, was created.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, The Will of the Universe” 11/28/10

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Dissonance With The Power Of Good

547.03Question: How is the incurability of mental diseases connected with our egoistic human nature?

Answer: Our egoistic nature is the root of all problems. Or rather, they are based on desire, something that is not our biological matter, but the human nature in us.

This desire is split and functions in such a way that it devours itself, devours others, seeks to satiate itself at their expense. So the problem of all diseases, including psychological ones, lies in such improper functioning.

This follows absolutely clearly from Kabbalah because by living only for ourselves in an egoistic way, we are opposite to the light, and this gives rise to all diseases, problems, and suffering.

The opposite of light is the opposite of that upper, general force of nature that can be called Creator, nature, or light. It acts only for the sake of bestowal and love, and the more opposed to them we are, the more we enter into dissonance with this force.

As a result, this good power of nature gives rise to completely opposite consequences in us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Is Frankl right?” 8/8/10

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Perception Of Spirituality

237Question: You constantly say that the first step in implementing the Kabbalistic methodology is the most difficult, and then everything goes smoothly. Why is the first transition so difficult?

Answer: Because the first transition is a cardinal change, the change of one’s nature to the opposite—from egoistic to altruistic—and all the other steps are just ascents in an altruistic way. That is, they are already similar to each other and you do not change inversely.

Question: In your feeling, when you experienced this yourself, how wonderful was this transformation?

Answer: It is impossible to convey in words how your perception of the world, worldview, world outlook, and world existence change, because there are no such means in this world.

Question: But you said that all changes occur in sensations, that is, not so much in matter, but in relation to everything else. Does it mean that at the level of matter everything remains the same?

Answer: What does it mean “the same”? If the same exists subjectively in relation to you, then what does it mean that everything remains the same? How can it be?

Matter is desire. Desire functions in a completely different way. That is, there is inanimate, vegetative, and animate matter; this is our entire world including everyone who is in it, including people, and the next level is human matter.

Human is Adam, from the word “Domeh” (similar to the Creator). You begin to own this matter, it becomes yours. When a desire takes the form of Adam (similar to the Creator), you feel the next degree in it.

Comment: You often give the example that people expect something that is somewhere beyond the horizon, but all real changes are happening here, now, at this moment.

My Response: Yes, because there is nothing beyond the horizon. You are in a certain desire, you need to change its application, its form, from “for yourself” to “for others,” to bestowal, to outside of yourself. This is what you need to do.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Spiritual Perception” 3/11/09

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