Dissonance With The Power Of Good

547.03Question: How is the incurability of mental diseases connected with our egoistic human nature?

Answer: Our egoistic nature is the root of all problems. Or rather, they are based on desire, something that is not our biological matter, but the human nature in us.

This desire is split and functions in such a way that it devours itself, devours others, seeks to satiate itself at their expense. So the problem of all diseases, including psychological ones, lies in such improper functioning.

This follows absolutely clearly from Kabbalah because by living only for ourselves in an egoistic way, we are opposite to the light, and this gives rise to all diseases, problems, and suffering.

The opposite of light is the opposite of that upper, general force of nature that can be called Creator, nature, or light. It acts only for the sake of bestowal and love, and the more opposed to them we are, the more we enter into dissonance with this force.

As a result, this good power of nature gives rise to completely opposite consequences in us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Is Frankl right?” 8/8/10

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