How Can Mental Illness Be Cured?

631.1Question: Why are mental illnesses incurable?

Answer: Mental illnesses cannot be cured because they belong to a higher nervous activity. In order to cure something, it is necessary to rise above this problem, and as if from above it, study, investigate, analyze, and understand it.

And we cannot be above our mental activity. Therefore, these problems will remain until we rise to their level. They arise due to malfunctions in our egoistic nature.

As soon as we begin to really correct ourselves, to rise above the program according to which we are currently working within ourselves in feelings and mind, we will move from the egoistic nature to the nature of bestowal and love, and then we will change our entire internal program.

It will act completely differently, take into account other data and work differently. Then its consequences in our mental and physical bodies will be different, and we will be cured of all problems and diseases.

And today we are all sick. You can take any absolutely healthy person, ask a psychologist or a psychiatrist about his condition, and they will tell you that each of us is ten to twenty percent sick, but we consider this normal.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Is Frankl right?” 8/8/10

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