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560Question: For 10 years, a beauty pageant “Miss Holocaust Survivor” has been held in Jerusalem.

Women aged up to 95 and even more tell their stories to the public, to the entire world, of how they lived, how they survived that time, and how they came to the point that they can now put makeup on and tell their tragic, difficult stories.

They say that it helps them a lot, they just blossom. There are such pageants as “Miss Elderly Woman” or “Miss Holocaust.” And people say: “Let’s hold beauty contests in a different way—contests of beauty of the soul.”

What do you think about such contests?

Answer: I think it is good. First, it is a very good therapeutic procedure.

And then, the inner qualities of a person are put forward to the first place, such as one’s philosophy and attitude to the world. You cannot compare this with anything else.

Question: A way of spreading warmth?

Answer: Yes, wisdom and good old age.

Question: Is the fact that a spectator learns that it is possible to get out of such crazy, terrible conditions with dignity also an important point for a person?

Answer: It is an important point. And a very important point is that there is huge respect, sympathy, and gratitude to those who lived through all this and survived and lifted themselves up, and now they can tell about themselves. This causes respect.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/16/21

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