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What Does The Resurrection Of The Dead Mean?

627.2Question: Not far from Jerusalem, there is the Kidron Valley (Emek Yeoshafat in Hebrew). This is the place where, after the War of Gog and Magog, humanity will be judged. What is it about? Who will judge whom?

Answer: When people understand what the meaning of the existence of the world, of history, of correction, of everything that has happened and is happening to them, they will judge themselves. Thus, their whole movement will be toward praising the Creator.

According to the prophecy, it is said that it is in this place that all the bodies recreated by the Creator will rise from the dust and be covered with skin and flesh. In general there will be a “resurrection of the dead.”

This means that all the existing egoistic desires will manifest themselves again in people, in the whole of humanity, in the whole future generation, but in such a way that we will be able to work with them for bestowal, for connection between us, for total love.

This is the resurrection of dead desires, dead, meaning the egoistic ones that could not be used in any way. And now we can use them for bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/22/22

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The Coming Of The Messiah

622.02Question: In the year 586, the Babylonians captured and destroyed Jerusalem and took its inhabitants into slavery. 70 years later they returned from the Babylonian exile and passed through the Mount of Olives (Har HaZeitim), which stretches from the east to Jerusalem.

It is written in the sources that King David sang his prayers on the Mount of Olives and that the Messiah will come from there on a white donkey. What are these terms: “white donkey” and ” Messiah”?

Answer: “Donkey” in Hebrew is “Hamor” from the word “Homer – matter.” It represents all the egoistic matter of our world.
At first, this donkey is completely black, but it will gradually turn white because the world will be corrected, will become white, and will be rid of egoism.

We will correct the egoism of our world to such an extent that it will agree to and be fully able to work for bestowal, for the benefit of everybody.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/22/22

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Sacrificing Animalistic Desires

599.02Question: What does it mean to sacrifice one’s animal desire?

Answer: We are talking about animalistic egoism, which thinks only of itself.

In other words, you have to kill and burn all thoughts about yourself. The part of egoism that you have processed correctly should be raised to a level where you can eat it, meaning use it properly and turn it into energy so that your spiritual state rises even higher.

Just as today you consume food and it gives energy to your animalistic body, the correct use of your animal egoistic desire gives energy to your spiritual body.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/22/22

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Raising A New Man

229Question: Current statistics show that in the near future a very large percentage of the population will be unemployed. What will happen if these masses of people do not know about the purpose of creation?

Answer: We will make them study. When a person begins to learn, listen, speak about, and discuss the topics of exploring and mastering the next, higher level of one’s existence, he brings about a great correction to the world.

Seven billion people don’t need to work twelve hours a day. Half a billion is enough to provide for us all, to feed us, etc.

Evenly distributing responsibilities for a reasonable level of sustenance would allow everyone to be fed, clothed, and provided with optimal living conditions. The rest of the time, say five or six hours a day, they will engage in internal self-improvement via television and the rest of the mass media channels.

It is necessary for a person to truly rise to a new degree. Meaning, this is our job, not producing unnecessary trinkets, but rising to the level of eternity and perfection and becoming equal with nature and harmoniously connected with it.

Everyone must take part in this. This is the reason there will be so much free time. A person is obliged to spend half of his working hours on his inner spiritual development. To do this we have to establish a massive educational system—virtual, full-time, part-time, no matter what.

It is necessary to bring up the new person who will become Adam, similar to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Partnership Agreement” 4/7/10

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The Perils Of Egoistic Interconnection And Its Remedy—The Method Of Kabbalah

963.1Question: Can we say that today nature kind of gives us the opportunity to have more spare time only for us to develop spiritually?

Answer: Only for this purpose. After all, why does a person exist in this world? Only in order to provide himself with what is necessary on the animal level and become equal to the Creator on the spiritual level, while acquiring the absolute.

Why should we live at all? To help your body process tons of food and die? In this case a cow has more reason to exist than I do because it provides me with milk and meat. There is a clear purpose in its existence: to feed me.

What do I live for? My existence is absolutely pointless. Any creature in nature, except for man, has a definite purpose. Nothing is created in vain. And only man, who does not know this upper goal, is created in vain.

Comment: But Kabbalists claim that we will come to it anyway.

My Response: Of course! And it is better for us to do it as soon as possible; otherwise, nature will push us with blows.

Over thousands of years of existence, we have internally, egoistically reached such a level of development where we find ourselves in a single chain, globally interconnected. And this is already a spiritual system.

Global communication exists at the next level of nature. And this is a problem because being globally connected egoistically is a huge peril. Everyone affects everyone negatively.

Imagine what a historical state we are entering now; every year we will observe huge negative changes in society and at all levels of nature. Tsunamis, earthquakes, and epidemics are all a consequence of our disequilibrium. This is how we ourselves set up nature.

Therefore as soon as the global level manifested itself, Kabbalah was immediately revealed as a method for its balance. And if we do not use it and do not balance ourselves in a single system, then we will mutually “poison” each other, push and alienate ourselves from others. Then this system will collapse very quickly, and we will come, God forbid, to a world war.

The method of Kabbalah is our only salvation.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Partnership Agreement” 4/7/10

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Language Tailored For The Soul

165The language of  The Book of Zohar is tailored for the soul, despite the fact that a person does not understand what it says. Like, for example, a person who enters a perfume store, even though he did not take anything from it, he still absorbed their pleasant aroma (Moshe Chaim Ephraim, Degel Machaneh Ephraim).

The moment we begin to move toward the quality of bestowal instead of reception, to altruism instead of egoism, we begin to understand what The Book of Zohar is talking about and what it urges us to do. Therefore, we easily follow its recommendations and understand that The Book of Zohar is an instruction for correcting and filling the soul.

Question: Many sages write that a person who studies The Book of the Zohar does not understand anything, but by reading it invites an illumination upon himself that changes him. Why is it arranged in such a way that a person reads, but does not understand?

Answer: Try reading adult books to a child, not even complex ones but the most elementary, simple, and everyday ones, and he also will not understand what they are about because he does not know the meaning of their words.

The method is in the fact that by opening The Book of the Zohar and starting to read it, you yearn for a greater connection with your friends and through them, allegedly, with the Creator, “allegedly” because you do not know what goes where. But all these inclinations, together with The Book of Zohar begin to reveal the internal system of the world within you. At the same time, you get some kind of illumination of the upper light, which corrects you. And in this way you are advance.

Question: So you do not recommend reading The Book of Zohar alone? Do we need to read it together?

Answer: Preferably together with at least two or three people.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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“What Is Your Ideal Boss Or Leader?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is your ideal boss or leader?

An ideal leader should be sensitive toward others.

There are, however, no examples of ideal leaders, and if we would find such an example, we would later discover that it is a lie.

In order to merit a leader who is sensitive to others, we need a certain kind of education out of which such a leader would blossom. In other words, the problem is more widespread than with people who reach positions of power; it is a problem with education in general. Education is the world’s biggest problem, i.e. that we are not teaching people how to become human beings.

The education we need today is to raise people to become human beings in the fullest sense of the term. That is, a human being is one who rises above the animal level of existence—where we prioritize self-benefit over benefiting others—and who relates to others out of genuine love and care.

Based on the video “What Is the Main Characteristic of an Ideal Leader?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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