Language Tailored For The Soul

165The language of  The Book of Zohar is tailored for the soul, despite the fact that a person does not understand what it says. Like, for example, a person who enters a perfume store, even though he did not take anything from it, he still absorbed their pleasant aroma (Moshe Chaim Ephraim, Degel Machaneh Ephraim).

The moment we begin to move toward the quality of bestowal instead of reception, to altruism instead of egoism, we begin to understand what The Book of Zohar is talking about and what it urges us to do. Therefore, we easily follow its recommendations and understand that The Book of Zohar is an instruction for correcting and filling the soul.

Question: Many sages write that a person who studies The Book of the Zohar does not understand anything, but by reading it invites an illumination upon himself that changes him. Why is it arranged in such a way that a person reads, but does not understand?

Answer: Try reading adult books to a child, not even complex ones but the most elementary, simple, and everyday ones, and he also will not understand what they are about because he does not know the meaning of their words.

The method is in the fact that by opening The Book of the Zohar and starting to read it, you yearn for a greater connection with your friends and through them, allegedly, with the Creator, “allegedly” because you do not know what goes where. But all these inclinations, together with The Book of Zohar begin to reveal the internal system of the world within you. At the same time, you get some kind of illumination of the upper light, which corrects you. And in this way you are advance.

Question: So you do not recommend reading The Book of Zohar alone? Do we need to read it together?

Answer: Preferably together with at least two or three people.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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