The Language Of The Book Of Zohar

65The Book of Zohar is written in a special language, mainly in Aramaic. Aramaic is an ancient language parallel to the Hebrew language spoken in the State of Israel today. These two languages were popular in Ancient Babylon, and therefore, Kabbalists use them.

The first Kabbalist, whose name was Adam, began to use both Aramaic and Hebrew. In his book Raziel HaMalach (The Secret Angel), he used both languages.

The language of The Book of Zohar is not an exact physical-mathematical language, but a language of hints, which we need to understand. Only a person who is clothed with those images and events that are allegorically described in it can understand it. Therefore, a person cannot immediately understand what this book is about.

However, if he works on himself, studies Kabbalah, is in a group, and makes a group similar to the one that wrote The Book of the Zohar, then he begins to understand what they wrote and the things described in the book begin to play in his group. That is, The Book of Zohar begins to play like a record, manifest itself between them, and shows them what it is talking about.

But this happens only to the extent that they are similar to the qualities of the authors of The Book of Zohar. Therefore, the very language of this book, the so-called “language of branches,” is allegorical, and only those who are on a spiritual degree can understand it. Otherwise, The Book of Zohar is perceived as a collection of stories, fairy tales, and legends.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about The Book of Zohar

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