Love Your Neighbor: The General Law Of The Universe

934Initially the Creator gave the orientation for the creation to become similar to Him, to reach the highest level: equivalence of form with the Creator. Then it adheres to Him, that is, it ascends to the highest degree of nature.

This is achieved by connecting the creation. Previously, the creation was shattered into 600,000 parts and many sub-parts. All of them must connect with each other into one single soul. This connection is called the implementation of the law of “love your neighbor as yourself.”

All other laws of nature represent the implementation of the same law of love your neighbor, only on a more personal, lower level. Therefore the entirety of nature is given to us only in order to bring it to absolute unity.

What does love your neighbor as yourself mean? It means that a person exits himself and accepts his neighbor as someone much higher than himself, like the Creator, without any distinction between them, when the act of exiting himself becomes absolutely altruistic, without pursuing any personal goals.

When we think about the realization of the plan of creation, we must understand that this can be realized only by correcting egoistic desires to become altruistic. To do this we must create a group of 10 people who will later achieve their system as 10 Sefirot connected into one Partzuf, into one Kli (vessel) of the soul.

This is working on yourself in three lines, when the left line is ever-growing egoism, the right line is the screen above it, i.e., the intention to bestow, and the middle line is the correct use of the left and right lines.

The main driving force of all corrections is the love of friends. Our great teacher Baruch Ashlag (Rabash) writes a lot about this. Therefore if we are talking about the law of love your neighbor, then first of all it is implemented in the 10 between the friends.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about The Book of Zohar

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