The Zohar Speaks In The Language Of Branches

public.jpg The Zohar, Chapter Chayei Sarah (The Life of Sarah),Item 12: …Hence, the wicked are wiped out of Dumah’s book because he takes into the calculation only from the middle line, where the wicked are not included. Therefore, who will desire them at the revival of the dead? During the revival of the dead, the angel Matat will receive the account in the graveyards from Dumah. But who will desire those wicked ones that are not counted by Dumah for the revival of the dead?

A question I received: This text can confuse and frighten a person with words like “dead” and “graveyards.” What is the right way to perceive these words?

My Answer: We must understand that The Zohar speaks in the language of branches, as do most other Kabbalistic books. The method imparts not only knowledge, but more importantly it conveys impressions to us. This is in order for us to attract the Light of correction from the spiritual world to attain our corrected state.

We’re not talking about physical bodies or our material world, and we mustn’t try to correct our “hands and feet;” we aren’t attempting to fix physical concerns that should be treated by a regular doctor. Rather, The Zohar speaks of the soul’s correction. Therefore, even though The Zohar uses words of this world, they all allude to spiritual notions, meaning that they relate to our inner forces and qualities.

It is these qualities that I now want to study. I do so in order to understand which part of me is “ailing,” which part must be corrected. I do so, so that I will need to desire to correct it. That is the purpose of The Book of Zohar.

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  1. Dear Rav: I`ve been following the Zohar studies via web. There is much I don´t understand, but my heart keeps on trying. I have the feeling that it doesn´t really matter if I really understand every single line, that there is so much more information in the text that it is not really intended for the brain to understand, and I also feel that the whole process is just an excuse to feed the point in the heart towards the light. in my kabbalah study, how much brain? how much heart? Does the study of the material is just an excuse to sustain and feed with light our spiritual maturity? Is it enough to let ourselves go and trust the unknown path that the light is opening up for us?

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