The Perils Of Egoistic Interconnection And Its Remedy—The Method Of Kabbalah

963.1Question: Can we say that today nature kind of gives us the opportunity to have more spare time only for us to develop spiritually?

Answer: Only for this purpose. After all, why does a person exist in this world? Only in order to provide himself with what is necessary on the animal level and become equal to the Creator on the spiritual level, while acquiring the absolute.

Why should we live at all? To help your body process tons of food and die? In this case a cow has more reason to exist than I do because it provides me with milk and meat. There is a clear purpose in its existence: to feed me.

What do I live for? My existence is absolutely pointless. Any creature in nature, except for man, has a definite purpose. Nothing is created in vain. And only man, who does not know this upper goal, is created in vain.

Comment: But Kabbalists claim that we will come to it anyway.

My Response: Of course! And it is better for us to do it as soon as possible; otherwise, nature will push us with blows.

Over thousands of years of existence, we have internally, egoistically reached such a level of development where we find ourselves in a single chain, globally interconnected. And this is already a spiritual system.

Global communication exists at the next level of nature. And this is a problem because being globally connected egoistically is a huge peril. Everyone affects everyone negatively.

Imagine what a historical state we are entering now; every year we will observe huge negative changes in society and at all levels of nature. Tsunamis, earthquakes, and epidemics are all a consequence of our disequilibrium. This is how we ourselves set up nature.

Therefore as soon as the global level manifested itself, Kabbalah was immediately revealed as a method for its balance. And if we do not use it and do not balance ourselves in a single system, then we will mutually “poison” each other, push and alienate ourselves from others. Then this system will collapse very quickly, and we will come, God forbid, to a world war.

The method of Kabbalah is our only salvation.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Partnership Agreement” 4/7/10

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