Raising A New Man

229Question: Current statistics show that in the near future a very large percentage of the population will be unemployed. What will happen if these masses of people do not know about the purpose of creation?

Answer: We will make them study. When a person begins to learn, listen, speak about, and discuss the topics of exploring and mastering the next, higher level of one’s existence, he brings about a great correction to the world.

Seven billion people don’t need to work twelve hours a day. Half a billion is enough to provide for us all, to feed us, etc.

Evenly distributing responsibilities for a reasonable level of sustenance would allow everyone to be fed, clothed, and provided with optimal living conditions. The rest of the time, say five or six hours a day, they will engage in internal self-improvement via television and the rest of the mass media channels.

It is necessary for a person to truly rise to a new degree. Meaning, this is our job, not producing unnecessary trinkets, but rising to the level of eternity and perfection and becoming equal with nature and harmoniously connected with it.

Everyone must take part in this. This is the reason there will be so much free time. A person is obliged to spend half of his working hours on his inner spiritual development. To do this we have to establish a massive educational system—virtual, full-time, part-time, no matter what.

It is necessary to bring up the new person who will become Adam, similar to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Partnership Agreement” 4/7/10

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