How to Read The Book of Zohar

How to Read the Book of ZoharTwo questions I received on how to read and relate to The Book of Zohar:

Question: I am trying to study The Book of Zohar that you translated. I’ve reread many times the part where you talk about how to relate to the material in order to go deeper into the inner part of it – but so far it’s not working. I don’t feel like I’m advancing, and I think that I lack definitions, the way things are clearly defined in the Talmud Eser Sefirot. Do these definitions exist, and if yes, where can I find them? Or is there another, special approach to The Book of Zohar?

My Answer: The Book of Zohar should be read only in order to evoke the Light of correction onto yourself. To the degree the Light will influence you, you will begin to perceive the Zohar (which means Radiance). And to the extent that you’ll feel the Light, the property of bestowal, you will also begin understanding what The Book of Zohar says.

In addition, there are four introductions to The Book of Zohar, and it’s necessary to know them (or to have at least general knowledge of them) in order to understand the book.

Question: Recently I made the decision that I will read The Book of Zohar. During Book Week I bought the full set. However, I spoke to a person who told me that religious authorities have put a curse on this set of books, and this set of books is “impure.”

My Answer: You can go ahead and read these books, but this is only recommended for people who have studied all the works of Baal HaSulam. In addition, there are four introductions to The Book of Zohar, and it’s impossible to understand The Book of Zohar without thoroughly understanding these introductions!

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  1. i am willing to learn and listen and most of my lfe is adventure
    Thanks for your solution

    A J Mais

  2. do youprint the zohar in English

  3. How does the Zohar relate to the Torah.
    In other words, If I am studying the Genesis in the Torah, can I cross reference the Zohar pertaining to what I am reading in the Torah.

    Thank You

  4. Shalom Aleichen!

    I think the Zohar should remain exactly the form it is, because there are a lot of expressions and word in Hebrew/Aramaic language that should not be translated, if it is so, the meaning of those words will not be the same in English or any other occidental language, so I didn’t knew any words in Hebrew or Aramaic before, then I strived myself to learn so I could read the Zohar in the original language, it is atonishing and pure when you do that, learn in the orginal it is like to drink pure spiritual spring waterm there is no word to explain that!!! you just feel it in the essence of your soul, that is why any one of you interested in a real spiritual learn shoul try to learn some.

    The difference it is overwhelming… it is the same as if you read the Torah in Hebrew or the Bible in English there is no comparation….

  5. I am 27 years of age,since last year two years back i experienced a driving force leading me to research about Kabbalah which ended up with me owning a copy of the Zohar in aramic right in my hands,i haven’t studied aramic nor Hebrew,but with scanning the Holy Zohar i just feel a very very strong energy and even my enviroment i can feel a differene,so what would probably happening and should i continue coz it always give me peace withing and strength.

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