The Constitution Of Dissemination

The Constitution of DisseminationQuestions I received on how to disseminate Kabbalah:

Question: I went through a period when I had problems with my career, business, money, and so on. Still I did not stop working on my spiritual development and focused on it even more intensely. I wanted to share Kabbalah with others and to get them excited about it. However, since people knew what was happening in my daily reality, they would just smile at me or quickly cut off the conversation. I think that I discredited Kabbalah by doing this. Is there a “constitution” that one should follow when disseminating Kabbalah?

My Answer: The correct dissemination has to be:

1. General – impersonal, inconspicuous, non-coercive. It’s when you give a newspaper, book, or information about our website or television to a stranger without making him feel obligated in any way.

2. Personal – only when a person clearly asks you for it, or if he shows clear signs that it’s necessary for him (such as depression, questions about the meaning of life and so on, but provided that these are really his own questions and not the results of your hints).

Any other kind of dissemination is harmful for others and for you. If a person asks about the meaning of life and this question is genuine (that is to say – it demands to be answered through the attainment of the Source of life, the Creator), then he will find Kabbalah with his “sixth sense,” regardless of where he lives, what language he speaks, and by what form of media or means it will reach him. By disseminating (publishing Kabbalistic material in different languages and making it free or as cheap as possible) we want to accelerate and ease the process of contact between Kabbalah and those who need it.

Question: I want to study something that I will be able to use to disseminate Kabbalah. What will be the best thing to learn, so I won’t waste time? Every person has unique qualities that he needs to capitalize on and direct to the goal. How can I find out what my unique qualities are?

My Answer: You should try your hand in all forms of dissemination: transcribing text, editing, translating, writing articles for print or Internet, making brief article summaries, working with photos, editing and creating video material, creating and editing radio programs, simultaneous translation, editing and creating computer programs, and so on – the list is endless!

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