Psychiatry and Kabbalah

Psychiatry and KabbalahQuestions I received on mental disorders and studying Kabbalah:

Question: I have been hospitalized in psychiatric clinics many times, and I am still taking medication. Can I study Kabbalah, and if yes, under what conditions? Will I be able to join the Bnei Baruch group?

My Answer: You can study Kabbalah only under the condition that your mental state is completely stabilized, and you are absolutely certain that the medication is keeping you “normal.” If this is the case, then you can study Kabbalah, but in limited portions of time and material.

People are accepted into the Bnei Baruch group only after completing preliminary courses at “Campus Kabbalah.” We have had cases of people like you joining the group.

Question: Why can’t someone who is mentally ill, with Bi-Polar disorder, study Kabbalah?

My Answer: His existence in this world is his correction in this life cycle (Gilgul). Just like any other person with a mental disorder, he is correcting his soul with his sorrowful existence.

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  1. Yes, but can this person study? I am a person with bi-polar disorder and it is very important for me to know if I can study or not, I don’t want to be wasting my time.

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