The Surrounding Light Influences Us Only When We Evoke It

Questions on Surrounding LightQuestions I received on the Surrounding Light:

Question: Is the Surrounding Light a force that always influences us even though we don’t know about it?

My Answer: The Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) influences us only when we evoke it.

Question: By studying Kabbalah, do we develop a sense that enables us to perceive the Surrounding Light’s influence?

My Answer: Yes, provided that one desires to acquire the property of bestowal.

Question: The Surrounding Light changes us so we will create an intention “for His sake”?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: Can we practice connecting with the Surrounding Light while thinking about our sensations of Kabbalah, or when having a conversation with someone who does not study it?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: Can Ohr Makif influence us all the time, if we are advancing along the process of correction?

My Answer: It influences us only when we evoke it.

Question: Does It influence us before the Machsom too, or only afterward?

My Answer: It can influence us at any time and place.

Question: Are the changes in one’s sensations and perception of reality a result of this force’s influence even before the Machsom?

My Answer: Yes – always.

Question: Does Ohr Makif lead us toward the goal whether we want it or not?

My Answer: Ohr Makif moves one toward one’s root to the extent one desires it.

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