We Go To Pharaoh Together

238.01Comment: It is written in the Torah that the Creator says to Moses: “Come unto Pharaoh.” He does not say “Go to Pharaoh to fight with him.”

My Response: Moreover, Moses does not want to go to Pharaoh at all, he is afraid. But the Creator says: “Do not be afraid, I will go with you.” He seems to reassure Moses: “There is nothing to be afraid of, let us go together.”

In fact, this is not a good approach because, from then on, Pharaoh begins to attack Moses and even the Creator, and says: “Who is the Creator that I should listen to Him”?

Question: What does “come to Pharaoh” mean? How does a person feel it?

Answer: A person wants to turn to the Creator so that the Creator would help him rise from his egoism to the level of bestowal, love, and altruism. This is the way out of Egyptian slavery and escape from Pharaoh.

Question: How does this process happen? Does a person hear a voice that says to him: “Come to Pharaoh, let us go together”?

Answer: There are not any voices here. Do not make a psychological problem out of Kabbalah.

Pharaoh is your egoistic state. To resolve it, you must take it, place it in front of your altruistic state, and correct one with the help of the other. You are prepared to use the quality of bestowal and love to correct the quality of reception and hatred.

Question: But we do not have the tools to feel it. It is like a child inside the mother who cannot understand whether there is a world, space, time, or movement. Can it be that it is the same here? You say some words, but there is no volume in them.  How van we get these feelings?

Answer: You can get the feelings only if you start trying to reveal this within yourself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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