The Power Of The Creator And The Power Of Pharaoh

562.02Question: How can we understand that Pharaoh is the other side of the Creator?

Answer: If the Creator is good, pushes us toward goodness and unity, wants to raise us, and leads us to a state above the entire nature, then Pharaoh does the exact opposite, He pushes us down, does not allow us to grow as a people, and wants a simple, ordinary, limited, beastly life for us.

Pharaoh is, so to say, equal to the Creator by module. He is just the other side of Him.

Question: Does it mean that as much as the Creator is great, so Pharaoh is great also?

Answer: Yes, but the difference between them is that with the power of Pharaoh one can act for oneself, and with the power of the Creator, for the sake of others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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