Practical Kabbalah: Attribute Everything To The Creator

laitman_962.2The science of Kabbalah is meant to teach us how to reach the revelation of the Creator, not just to reveal Him in the mind, but to merge with Him so that “All my bones shall say,” which means to reveal the upper force in all of one’s perception: in sensations and in the mind, in each sensory and intellectual cell.

The study of Kabbalah occurs in three stages. In the first stage, we study what the science of Kabbalah is about: about this world, about human nature (egoism), about how egoism arranges our whole life in this world historically and geographically.

We then study the upper world, starting from the very top, from the first point where all the creations originate. This is a spiritual reality cut off from us. There is a desire to enjoy and the opposite force: the restriction, the screen, and the upper Light, the Creator, the desire to bestow. These two forces can get close and interact with each other, reaching connection and adhesion at different levels called the spiritual ladder. The spiritual steps show how the strength to overcome lets the desire to enjoy resemble the Creator’s power of bestowal.

At first, these two worlds seem to be completely unrelated to each other. There is this world, ruled by primitive egoism, controlling all parts of creation: inanimate nature, plants, animals, people. There is also the spiritual world in which the desire to enjoy armed with the strength to overcome and the upper Light operate.

However, at the third stage, devoted to the work of the Creator, a person studies how from this world he can gradually rise to the upper reality and resemble the Creator. It is already about Him.

Meanwhile, he is still at the level of this world, only approaching similarity to the Creator, organizing a group, a ten, not yet knowing what the spiritual world is about; this is called the preparation time. Next comes the period of entering spirituality—practical spiritual work. At this stage, we begin to work not on how to organize the work within the desire to enjoy, but how to overcome it, that is, to rise above it toward the desire for bestowal, the power of Bina.

For this, we exercise faith above reason, referring all our states to the upper force, to the Creator. This is how we try to separate ourselves, detach from the stage of the desire to enjoy, from feeling and understanding within egoism, and elevate ourselves to the next level, to faith, to the desire for bestowal.

In our attempts to jump above the desire to enjoy to the desire to bestow, we are like baby birds learning to fly: jumping, trying to fly, but failing. In the end, they succeed and begin to hover in the air. And so are we trying to jump above ourselves. The exercise is simple: everything I understand and feel, in my sensations and mind, I should relate to the Creator as coming from Him. This is how I change the power of Pharaoh to the power of the Creator.1

Without collecting the external public around us and attaching it to us, we will be unable to rise. We must be connected with everyone, as it is written: “I dwell among my own people.” It is through the AHP, the outer circles, that the Creator is revealed if we do not neglect them out of pride and egoism, but take care of them. After all, caring for people is equivalent to caring for the Creator. The Creator dwells within the people and if we treat the people as the abode of the Creator, we will be able to achieve the upper world, faith above reason, and all the spiritual levels.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/11/19, “To Increase The Greatness of The Creator In Our Eyes” (Preparation for the World Convention 2019)
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