Let Him Make Peace Between Us

293There is only one way to win the internal war: it is to cover all crimes with love and to rise above arguing who is right and who is wrong. Then the corporeal war, which was a consequence of the internal one, will also end.

If the war does not end with victory, first of all in the spiritual sense, then corporeal victory will not help. The battle may subside for a while, but it will certainly resume.

Therefore, we must fight in order to cover all crimes with love, not try to figure out on whose side the truth is in this conflict and confrontation, but to rise above both poles. This is possible only if we understand that all the forces of confrontation come from the Creator and that only by rising up to Him can we reconcile them by ascending to their source.

The conflict is arranged by the Creator, there is none else besides Him. Only by combining two opposing forces can we win, not by choosing which of the two lines is right, but by walking in the middle line. The Creator started the war and is waging it, and therefore, only by appealing to Him with a demand to reconcile this dispute can it be ended. As it is written: “He Who makes peace in His heavens, may He make peace for us.”

We did not make timely corrections, and therefore the corruptions accumulated and have exploded as an exacerbation of a neglected disease. And that is what is happening now. For tens and even hundreds of years these problems have been hiding in humanity, breaking out here and there as symptoms of an internal disease.

We must understand that if a problem has been revealed, then it has already existed before. Now, when it has manifested, we have the opportunity to correct it and reach the end of correction.

The Creator arranged the shattering for us. It is not our fault that we received a shattered world in which the egoistic force rules. We only need to reveal this and ask the Creator to make a correction because through it we adhere to the Creator.

He does everything—not us. We just need to turn to Him above all the revealed problems. We understand that all this was arranged by Him and done on purpose so that we would ask Him for corrections. This is called: “My sons defeated Me.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/1/22, “Winning the War (Against the Evil Inclination)”

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