Two Versions Of World War III

laitman_293Question: Is World War III inevitable?

Answer: It is indeed inevitable, but it can take place on two totally different levels, on the spiritual level or on the corporeal level.

It all depends on how we manage the process of our development. On the spiritual level, it will take place in the form of internal changes.

This actually will be the greatest internal war against our egoism. However, if we begin to think lightly of our internal correction, there will be an external war that will pressure us until we change our egoism and reach the same result, but with the price of large external physical losses.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/17/16

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  1. The global crisis has created new deficiencies and there’s a war to fill them. Some opt for old, traditional methods of filling these gaps and some try anything that comes their way. The question is, how many can we get to try integral education?

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