Toward The New World In A Reasonable Way

laitman_600_02Question: What will happen to the world if humanity just sits by idly?

Answer: If we sit with our hands folded, then a third world war will start. Little of the world’s population would remain, and the small percentage of people who would survive would be forced to accept the method of mutual and correct cooperation between them to reach a state in which all of humanity would rise to a new developmental level.

We have already exhausted what has been given to us on Earth on the levels of still, vegetative, and animate nature and now we need to rise to the level of Adam (Man). Adam, similar (Domeh) to the upper force, is our next level of existence.

We see that we are at an impasse in science, culture, relationships, the family, and the mutual cooperation between us. The world has fallen into drugs,feeling the futility and meaningless of existence. The current paradigm has exhausted itself and must be replaced by a new one.

Question: May a third world war really be needed to carry out the process of rebooting?

Answer: Why? After all, it can be done without war. For example, a naughty child learns through blows, whereas a good child understands that it is preferable to do everything in the best and quickest way.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about these two possibilities, because it is possible for us to reach the next stage, not automatically through blows as evolution has compelled us to do for thousands of years, but through the reasonable way of an honest intellect.
From “The Echo of Moscow” Radio Program 11/25/15

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