Forecast For The Year 2016 According To The Clairvoyant Vanga

Laitman_083Comment: The newspapers and Internet have been full lately with the predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant named Vanga. Among other predictions, she said that the 44th president of the United States would be a black American and that he would be the last. She predicted in the year 1989 that “iron birds” would bring down the “American brothers”; and indeed on September 11, 2001 the terrorist operation happened which shook all of America.

Also in 1996 she predicted that in the year 2016 Europe would be occupied by refugees from Syria after a war began there in the year 2010. In her words: “Europe would become the place for the Muslim Caliphate, the Europeans would leave Europe, and Rome would be the capital of the Caliphate.”

Answer: What is written in connection with all of these predictions makes sense to me. Throughout all of history there have been fortune-tellers, and from the point of view of Kabbalah this is absolutely natural. I spoke about this with my teacher Rabash and he related to fortune-tellers completely naturally.

These people can be from different religions and even not religious, like Wolf Messing, for example. They simply feel time and historical events according to how they need to happen. After all, the past, present, and future exist only in our perception, in fact, they are found in a single space, which the fortune-tellers see.

Question: What can you say regarding the prediction of Vanga for the year 2016 that worries everyone?

Answer: Everything is correct, and this was even written in the Kabbalistic sources about 2,000 years ago. But I very much hope that this year will be a year in which the Kabbalists will be able to explain to the world where things are going, where general evolution is leading us, and how with the right connections between us we will discover the upper world and move to the next level of existence.

Vanga prophesied according to the system of suffering because humanity has two ways that it can ascend to the next level, the way of suffering or the way of Light. Even the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the path of suffering, but at the same time, says that if we want, we can use the upper force that will pull us forward, and we will go through all the states of development rapidly and comfortably, and within a short period of time we can attain the new level.

Question: Is it possible to go through the year 2016 in moments?

Answer: As for the moments, I don’t know, but consciously it is possible in days or a number of weeks and thus even pass through everything that human development must pass through until its complete connection within a single system and the discovery of the upper world within it.

So the future by the way of Light or by the way of suffering depends upon us, but in any case we will get to it. Understandably it would of course be preferable if it were not according to the predictions of Vanga but according to the advice of the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/30/15

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