Five Years Of The “Arab Spring”

laitman_743Comment: It has been five years since the events of the “Arab Spring.” In the beginning it was considered to be a revolution of the youth who were ready to change the Arab world. After then everything changed when in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya the “Muslim Brotherhood” took control of the government. They all were mistaken in thinking that they had toppled the dictatorships.

Answer: And what is bad about the dictatorships? Today it already seems that it is preferable for a king to rule a nation rather than a dysfunctional parliament.

Our world must be arranged according to the principle of oneness with the upper world, meaning that above there is one, the Creator, and below there is one, a king. In the days of the Kings David and Solomon, there was complete similarity between our world and the upper world. According to this similarity, the king had all the tools with which he managed the nation, like the Sanhedrin and other government institutions. It is very interesting to learn about this because from their conduct it is possible to learn about the structure of the upper world. That is how it was designed from the start.

Comment: But when the “Arab Spring” began, there still was hope that worthy people would come into power.

Answer: Who can be put in power? How many upstarts will play with the public and the national treasury until nothing is left?

Comment: As a result of this, Daesh has actually risen to power. A relatively soft Arab dictatorship was replaced by an extremist regime.

Answer: Today we are necessarily returning again to one and only one leader because the integral world can be headed by only a single center, a single idea, the staff a collective that is interconnected as one person and presents this idea to our world. Otherwise everything will deteriorate to extremism and will be one big brawl.

The problem is that the world is more and more revealed as integral, interdependent, and global. We still cannot orient ourselves in a such a world. We suddenly feel insecure: we don’t know what and how, from where and to where. There are thousands of different data we must work with in order to advance toward something, to decide something concretely, and we cannot; our senses and mind are not arranged integrally.

We cannot communicate with others to assemble a team with them, a small system (let’s say a government), that will be able to solve problems like these, because there are a huge number of unknowns and we don’t know how to work with them. We can only solve linear problems. That is the problem.

We cannot change the world. Humanity is entering into a state in which the world is becoming round and integral, in which everyone depends on everyone. To perceive it correctly and make the right decisions, we need to change our perception of the world; that is, we must change the person. We must also become integral, and then we can solve these problems. But this is not easy.

The wisdom of Kabbalah was designed for this; it says that the transition to integral thinking is possible only through “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). When we begin to love others instead of ourselves, in this way we can feel their perception, their desires, and their direction. This naturally becomes alive within us; each one becomes “multipurpose,” like in a beehive composed of many other people. In this case, each one can simply solve every problem. It becomes my own, personal, natural.

After all, in any family, we naturally take care of everyone as much as possible. Therefore, the family, to some extent, can be compared to the solution to our problem: there must be one thing for little children, something else for old people, a third thing for the husband and wife, and so on.

In a family, we more or less know how to deal with problems because all the members of the family live within us and we feel what truly is best for them and what they need. If we had an attitude toward the world like this, we could handle all of its challenges.

In order to transform every person to being concerned about the whole world, what we really need is a new system of education according to the principles of the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/15

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