The Path To A Perfect Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we want to advance to the true perception of reality, then it is possible only in our corrected qualities. Indeed, in our current qualities, we feel only this reality in which we are born, live, and die. Again, we are born, live, and die, and this is everything what we have.

If we want to obtain a different, opposite perception of reality, we should acquire the additional properties suitable for this: the quality of giving instead of receiving, and bestowal instead of consumption. Our constant desire is to absorb everything into “ourselves,” but this is only half of nature. The other half is bestowal, the tendency toward the outside.

That is why all of our work is to strive to achieve the second half of nature, to acquire the second force existing in the world. This time is called the period of preparation.

This is where we are now, trying through the group, the study, and various other means to achieve the state where we will obtain the second force of bestowal. Then, using the two forces of reception and bestowal together, we will come to know the entire reality in which we live.

People who have already received this second force of nature and, together with it, have acquired the perception of all of reality, are called Kabbalists. The science itself is called the science of Kabbalah, the science of reception, because a person acquires all of reality, rather than just the tiny part he is able to absorb in his current qualities. Then, as Kabbalists say, a person reaches a state where he rises above the current perception to an eternal, perfect reality.
From the lesson on 8/12/11, The Zohar

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