When Will The War End?

293Comment: Irina asks: “Are there really wars in spirituality too? I always thought there was only love there.”

My Response: From the beginning of the world to the end, the entire universe, except for the sole Creator, the only upper force of love, everything else is built on the battle of opposites, which means, on war.

And the Creator is attained by us when we achieve love in the form of the absolute annulment of hatred, war, and confrontation, i.e., in the complete annulment of everyone in front of others. In this way we form the image of the Creator in ourselves, we create Him. As it is said, “You have made Me.”

Question: Are you talking about a war inside every person right now? Is this a spiritual warfare?

Answer: Yes, and the external is only at the animal level.

Question: You once said that external wars occur because we have not conducted our internal wars properly, and therefore external wars appear. Can you explain this a little more? I did not finish my war?

Answer: I had to fight, I had to resist, and I had to stand, act at the head of the forces of light against the dark forces within myself, and thus see how by this I am moving the world toward a state of connection, rapprochement, and love in all its opposite pieces. And in this way I bring the state of war to the state of real peace.

The word is “Shalom,” “Shlemut,” complete connection (“Ashlama“).

Somehow, I still didn’t finish something somewhere, and therefore I gave it the opportunity to manifest itself in the lowest form, in this physical world.

Question: So now, in order to stop this external war, I have to go back to my internal wars again?

Answer: I have to do it, and everyone has to do it. Because the war is external, it exists only to move us toward an internal connection.

Question: So the resolution of the war by external forces where someone won and someone lost is not the solution of the war?

Answer: Of course not.

Question: And then there will be the next war?

Answer: Of course! We solve nothing by this. This is resolved on the road, on the way: how to continue the next page of the war.

Question: So the next page of the war, one way or another, will be? And maybe even scarier?

Answer: Of course it will be scarier. The most important thing is to quickly determine at the beginning of the conflict what it is and to extinguish it by connecting and complementing the conflicting parties so that they reveal the Creator.

Question: Let’s say there are two conflicting parties who hate each other. How can they suddenly stop at the beginning of a conflict?

Answer: Rise among themselves, rise above yourself, imagine what the world should be like if they were united together so much that they cannot distinguish between each other, but can only feel the connection between them.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/7/22

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