Internal Wars At The External Level

962.1Question: There are different types of war: civil war, cold war, information war, religious wars, and so on. This is how war manifests in our world. You often say that war is a remedy. What is the difference between all these wars as a means of correction?

Answer: They occur at different levels of egoism. The fact is that you can simply fight our egoism “head-on.” If it is small, then this is how it is done. For example, we force children or ourselves to get up and do something, do certain things, use forceful methods to replace bad relations between us with good ones, and force a person to get closer to other people.

Although initially one does not want it at all, we create such conditions that he wants to, because if he does not listen to the instructions for good and peace, then the resulting loss will be much greater.

Therefore, wars that have been fought at different points in history for thousands of years replace each other. But we are in a constant war.

Question: So are we constantly at war with egoism within us because it is our nature, and as a consequence of this, all kinds of wars also manifest themselves in the outside world? We are arranged so that we see our inner egoism outside. So if we do not cope with our internal egoism, then we have to fight with an external enemy?

Answer: Yes, we are forced through all sorts of external reasons, shells, and influences to do this work against our egoism.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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