The Jewish War

592.03Question: We all know what a war is. It is an armed conflict between rival parties that is expressed by the imposition of one side’s will on some other country or nation. And what is the war in spirituality, in particular, the “Jewish war”? Who is at war with whom?

Answer: We are created in the quality of egoism, which is well known to all. According to the thought of creation, we must rise from the egoistic level of existence to the altruistic one, from mutual hatred to love.

This is an absolutely incredible transition from one quality to another. It is performed by the influence of a special force that exists in nature and is ready to help us overcome egoism and rise to the level of love for our neighbor. We can do it only if we will understand and want it.

The implementation of the condition of our ascent in spite of egoism, against it, in the fight with it, to the level of bestowal, love, and connection is the “Jewish war.”

The fact is that we are within the program of nature, which affects us and requires us to gradually implement it. Each moment we must make our transition from egoists to altruists, from hatred to love between us, and demonstrate this to the nations of the world as a possible state.

If we do not implement this program, then nature puts pressure on us and helps us understand that we are in the wrong state, in the wrong attitude to it. And then, thanks to nature, which pushes us to fight with our own egoism, we gradually rise above it and can even replace it with altruism.

Question: It turns out that there are two forces in nature: a plus and a minus, negative and positive. All matter, the entire universe, is built on the juncture of these two opposing forces. At the human level, is this manifested as the forces of good and evil, that is, egoism and altruism?

Answer: Absolutely correct. This is exactly what is written in Kabbalistic sources about the war of the forces of good and evil.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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