Different Angles Of The Three Lines

562.01Zohar for All, VaYetze [And Jacob Went Out], Item 15: Solomon made three books, corresponding to the three lines: The Song of Songs is an interpretation of the right line, Hesed; Ecclesiastes [Kohelet] is an interpretation to the left line, Gevura; and Proverbs is an interpretation to the middle line, Tifferet.

Question: We know that the middle line comes after ascertainment of the right and left lines. And according to chronology, Kohelet (left line) was written the last. Why?

Answer: Frankly, I have many answers to this. These lines enter a person and are realized in him in their full combination. They all come from above: left, right, and middle.

The uppermost Sefira Keter is the middle line. Hochma and Bina come from it. Keter is above, Hochma and Bina are below. Then from Keter, Hochma, and Bina, these lines descend down to DAAT. And they descend down to Hesed and Gevura. From DAAT, they descend down to Hesed and Gevura and then together to Tifferet.

Here, there is such a confluence of the three lines both from top to bottom and from bottom to top, and in general, that you cannot say which of them appears before and which after.

You cannot define one line without the other: the right without the left, the left without the right, and the middle without both of them. That is, all three lines are included in one another. This is repeated many times in The Book of Zohar. So, you have three lines on the right, three lines on the left, and three lines in the middle.

In addition, the middle line comes first and then the right and left in the same plane. And then again the middle line and the right and left in the same plane. They intersect not only in lines, but also in levels.

Therefore, speaking about what comes first or second in infinity, in eternity, in the perfection of the Creator, there is no such thing. In the direct light it will look as one thing, in the reflected light it will look exactly the opposite.

If it manifests with the right line, the left one will look different. In the left line, the right line will look different. In the end, everything depends on the observer because when perfection and absolute harmony are in front of you, then with your properties you will see completely different things every time and you will always be in oppositeness and contradictions.

And the permanent, eternal, perfect state comes as a synthesis. In it, there is no longer any right, left, or middle line and their specific order.

Thus, when a Kabbalist ascends, he does not have a clear internal demand that there would be the right line first and then the left, because depending on his own change, he immediately enters different perspectives. Therefore, such a question is inappropriate.

Comment: But this question can be asked, for example, by scientists if they start reading The Book of Zohar.

My Response: With their earthly reasoning, they will, of course, be very confused by it, but this is good. I want to tell the listeners and viewers: “If you get confused, read The Book of the Zohar anyway no matter how you understand it. By reading, you are already stimulating the upper light, that program, that information field in which we exist.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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