Suffering And Hatred Are Included In Love

273.02Question: Igor asks: “It seems that Armageddon, the war of Gog and Magog, has been going on for a long time, but for some reason we have not seen or felt it. Is that true? Or will everything settle down, pass and be forgotten?”

Answer: Everything will pass, except for one thing, which is the last state we will come to. And it will contain all the previous states that are concentrated, collected, and taken all together. And it will be the basis for the last state.

That is, the last state will consist of two, one called “Kli” and the second called “Ohr“—vessel and light. So the vessel will consist of all the states that each of us and all of us together have gone through in history. This is a terrible amount of suffering, doubts, and misunderstandings, everything altogether.

Question: So everything that we have gone through, all wars and all sufferings come down to this vessel?

Answer: To one state that includes everything. And then this state is corrected by the upper light or the Creator, which is one and the same. And this state becomes equal to the upper light. That is, everything that is realized and comprehended in all the millions, many millions of sufferings that all of humanity has gone through at every moment, all this turns into light. And thus the Creator is attained.

Question: So there was nothing we should regret?

Answer: It never happened!

Question: And all the most terrible suffering?

Answer: It never happened. It’s not something that has been forgotten and now we don’t feel it.

Question: And these are not mistakes that we once made?

Answer: None of this happened at all! It existed only as a preparation for us to feel today’s absolute state.

Question: What do you mean never happened? There were: the Second World War, the Holocaust, the First World War, the Civil War, the blood spilled, it all had happened! Or did it? Or do we then go into a difficult explanation?

Answer: In the impossibility of explanation, perhaps. But I still have to say that this did not happen. We rise to another level of perception of reality, a sense of reality where nothing like that ever happened.

Question: Then what happened?

Answer: There was only preparation for us to feel the only existing state, the state of being filled with absolute universal love. And it in turn is simultaneously felt as absent, negative, and an aspiration to the positive. And the absence of love and hate, everything else, all this is included in love because it is impossible to feel one without the opposite.

Question: So this exalted love is shining on me and I feel it as hatred? I haven’t attained it yet and that’s why I feel it as hatred?

Answer: No. You attain it, but in what you attain, you also comprehend the opposite quality. Otherwise you won’t be able to feel it. We don’t feel one without the other.

Question: So it exists together all the time?

Answer: We are creations, created! The Creator, He feels one state, if I may say so, only love. And we can feel one thing only from its opposite.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/28/22

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