Thought Is the Most Powerful Force of Nature

761.2All of nature is built on unity, mutual participation, mutual balance, and mutual support. Therefore, each participant in this inner closed picture of nature takes from it as much as he can and should take for his existence, and no more.

But man takes from nature without considering absolutely anything! And he not just takes. He robs it, destroys all other species without caring about giving them the opportunity to recover. We have developed within ourselves such a consumeristic attitude toward nature that there can be no question of any kind of balance.

In addition, man brings a huge imbalance into it with his thoughts, because they are the greatest forces in nature.

Thought is a great power. We see from the example of nature that the more powerful the force, the more imperceptible it is, as if more hidden like nuclear forces, subatomic forces, radiation forces, and radio waves. And we do not feel the spiritual world at all.

That is, rough mechanical forces operate at a short distance are here next to us. And the more powerful the force is, the more subtle and the less it is captured by us.

Therefore, Kabbalah speaks of the fact that the most powerful forces are the forces of our mind, our thoughts, and our relationships with each other. Even though it seems to us: “What difference does it make how I think about the world or how I treat others?!”

But in fact, these are also forces of nature and the most powerful in their impact because they are of the highest quality. They are not at the level of inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature, but at the level of human nature, and therefore, they bring in the greatest imbalance.

Thus, with our bad attitude toward each other, we simply destroy ourselves and our world. Therefore, both in the Bible and in humanity in general, we are given a humane basis: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Everyone agrees with this principle; however, no one fulfills it. If we followed this formula, then, of course, we would come to a completely different civilization.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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