Efforts Are the Reward

600.01Question: Your teacher Rabash wrote that to the extent of the efforts a person makes, he receives a reward; meaning, the efforts themselves become a reward. Why?

Answer: The efforts themselves are the reward because, in principle, they come from the Creator even if it seems to a person that they are his own efforts. The measure of the efforts made determines the spiritual status of a person, the magnitude of his ascent, and his proximity to and adhesion with the Creator. That is, he defines his spirituality by it.

If the Creator requires us to make only one effort, to connect with others, then making efforts to come closer to different people whom I may even hate, this action itself will be a reward.

Question: Let’s say if a person makes an effort, then where will the pleasures from the effort come from?

Answer: From the fact that he does it for the sake of the Creator, comes closer to Him, and brings Him contentment.

Question: In this case, should the Creator and His greatness be revealed to a person?

Answer: No. If it is revealed, a person will act for the sake of revealing the greatness, for the sake of fulfillment, for the sake of his elevation.

This is concealed on purpose so that he performs all actions not according to his egoistic desire and goal, but according to the altruistic one when he does it without any reward, not wanting anything for himself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/31/22

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