Give Peace to All of Humanity

400Comment: I read an article in the Russian newspaper News of the Week entitled “Academy of self-hatred,” which asserts that the number of Jews leading their fellow tribesmen to a second Holocaust is growing all over the world. They have honorary professorial titles, big names, and are reaching the point of self-forgetful love for those who long for the destruction of Israel with all its six million Jews.

They are Jews, and openly declare it. The only goal they pursue is to prevent a Jewish catastrophe, but a Jewish catastrophe in Gaza. These Jews are crying out for peace, demanding mass genocide of the Palestinians be stopped, the government of Apartheid be ended, and Israeli Nazism be done with.

My Response: I can understand them, and I will explain why, Israel was created and exists precisely to fulfill its historical mission. Not just to exist or to be a refuge for Jews from all over the world who come here to find a safe place to live. This is far from being a safe place. In principle, it is the most dangerous place. We live here like on a volcano.

However, we have gathered here to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah and give it to all of humanity. This is our destiny!

This is why we came back to this land! This is why we have gathered here again! Only in this should we see ourselves and our purpose. If we do this, then we will justify the entire program of creation, our entire existence, and everything that has happened in the world so far.

Then there will be no more wars, no more hatred since everything negative in the world happens because egoism reigns in it, and we have a methodology of correcting it to universal love and with its help reaching the level of the Creator.

Question: Are you saying that those Jews who hate Jews are a manifestation of some kind of help?

Answer: Yes, this will give a boost. I do not see anything negative in the world at all. It all depends on how to apply it. They are right! Just as I do not blame anti-Semites, so I do not blame anti-Semitic Jews. I believe that it is necessary to use all these qualities in order to convey to everyone what kind of world we live in, why such desires arise in us, and how we can realize them correctly.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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