Do We Understand what Love Is?

527.03Question: The Creator is a quality of bestowal that manifests in me. Let’s say the quality of bestowal and love has manifested in me, and I somehow show it in relation to another person?

Answer: How can you measure this quality of bestowal and love?—only in your egoism: how much you rise above it, how, and in what conditions exactly. It is all very difficult. But, in principle, the science of Kabbalah talks about this.

Comment: When we talk about love, we understand what love is.

My Response: Absolutely not! This is precisely the difference between people. Look how he understands what love is and how she understands it, and what frictions there are between them.

Comment: But there are some general principles: care, help, and so on.

My Response: In general, everyone agrees with this. And when you begin to enter into more practical and more detailed definitions, then there is already a problem because we are all different. There are no people similar to each other.

We cannot compare our impressions, measure our feelings, and actually determine who of us is who relative to the other.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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